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Difference between sump pump and sewage pump

When talking about pumps for the home, sump pumps and sewage pumps are often the two names that come up the most frequently. These two types of pumps do share some similarities, however, they are unique in their own right in regards to what they do and how they function. Determining the difference between these the sewage pump and the sumppump can often be difficult because of how people often assume that they’re the same thing, but if you take a close look at how each of these functions, it doesn’t take long to see that sewage pumps are actually quite a bit different from sump pumps. Just what exactly are the reasons behind this though? Let’s go ahead and find out for ourselves.


sewage pump

To kick things off, let’s first take a look at how a sewage pump and a sump pump is alike. You see, both the sewage pump and the sump pump is used in homes – usually found in the basement. These pumps both act as a sort of indoor septic system, and both come equipped with rather large containers and, of course, pumps!

While both sewage and sump pumps share similar overall designs and placements, this is pretty much where any and all similarities stop. That’s because, despite sharing a similar physical look, sewage and sump pumps both service rather different purposes.


sewage pump

There are numerous differences that we need to go over, so let’s just go ahead and kick things off right away. For starters, sump pumps serve the main purpose of getting rid of excess water that is able to makes its way into the basement of your home. Thousands upon thousands of folks all across the country are faced with the issue of getting water in their basement, and a sump pump is the best tool to use to prevent this water from collecting and gathering in your basement.

In regards to how sump pumps are powered, they are usually run by electricity that runs throughout the house. But let’s say that a bad storm pops up in your area and the power goes out. What do you do then? Thankfully, most sump pumps can be powered entirely from an external battery pack – something that’s absolutely essential to have during streaks of bad weather.

Additionally, there are two main types of sump pumps that you can purchase – pedestal or submersible. Pedestal sump pumps are often mounted to the floor or a wall, and it often times much easier to use and operate than that of the submersible option. And, as you’d expect by the name, submersible sump pumps are sealed and lowered directly into the sump pit that’s used to collect excess water.

Sewage pumps, on the other hand, are used to dispose of not only water, but also waste from homes and other buildings where a bathroom is present. When a toiler is flushed, a sump pump takes the waste and water and sends it out to the respective septic tank or other sewage system that’s in the area.

The biggest differentiating factor between sewage pumps and sump pumps, is the fact that sewage pumps are tasked with removing not only liquids, but solids as well. This is all possible because of the way that sewage pumps take advantage of gravity in order to force these large amounts of liquid and solid objects into the plumbing system that’s in place in the building or home in question.

Additionally, whereas sump pumps require a bit of regular maintenance in order to make sure everything continues to work and function the way that it should, sewage pumps don’t require any sort of maintenance at all. It is still certainly possible for a sewage pump to encounter issues, but these usually occur much less frequently, and need to be dealt with by professional plumbers.


sewage pump

Overall, it is quite easy to see the clear differences between both sump pumps and sewage pumps. There’s no denying that these two machines do look a lot alike in their overall appearance, but when we take a look at what each of them is used for, that’s where the real differences start to pop up.

Sump pumps are used in basements to collect excess and unwanted water that makes its way in there, whereas sewage pumps are used with bathrooms to force out both fluids and liquids to either a septic tank or other sewage system.

Both of these machines are extremely important for any home, so knowing the difference between the two is just as important. And, thanks to this article, hopefully you won’t be confusing the two anytime soon! is a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program – it is designed to provide an aid for the websites in earning an advertisement fee – by means of advertising and linking to products.

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