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Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09 Pedestal Sump Pump Review

Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09 1/3 HP Pedestal Sump Pump

[usr 4.1]

Flotec’s FPPM3600D-01/09 is the most economical pedestal sump pump you can buy in the 1/3-HP motor class. It is often used to replace an existing, failed pedestal pump of the same size or as a replacement for a Flotec submersible sump pump, since it works readily in either application. It requires only a 12-inch diameter sump to operate. It discharges up to 3,840 GPH of water at zero lift or 2,460 GPH for a 10-foot head. Your basement will remain dry as a bone even during occasionally heavy winter rains when basement flooding is most common.

The electric motor draws a modest 3.5A when pumping and is protected by built-in thermal overload circuitry. It operates off any 115-120VAC GFCI outlet within reach of its six-foot power cord. Rated working temperature for the motor is between 35F and 77F, which is well within the conditions found in basements during any season. A fine-meshed top inlet debris screen prevents clogging from debris in the water. The 1.25-inch NPT discharge outlet matches up well to standard size discharge plumbing.

water dropThe external housing for the motor, base and pump unit is highly durable, non-corrosive thermoplastic resin. Refer to any sump pump guide and you will see that this innovative material contributes to this Flotec sump pump being one of the lightest pumps on the market at only 12.8 lbs. Its lightweight eases installation or removal should repairs be needed.

The FPPM3600D-01/09’s reliability is further enhanced by a metal float switch lever mounted at the top of the float shaft. Not only is a metal lever more durable than the plastic ones found on lesser sump pumps, but its position makes it easy to replace should it be damaged. The vertical float and switch arrangement lets you easily adjust on-off cycle lengths to match your basement sump’s depth. Longer cycles mean fewer pump restarts, which leads to extended motor life.

This Flotec sump pump is a budget-wise alternative to a higher-priced Flotec submersible sump pump of the same output but with the similar quality and improved overall performance. It comes with a standard 1-year warranty.

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Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09 Details:

Pump type:Corded electric pedestal sump pump
Float/Switch type: Adjustable vertical float
Cord length:6 feet with 3-prong plug
Inlet style:Top suction with debris filter
Discharge size:1.25 inches NPT
Housing material:Thermoplastic resin
Base material:Thermoplastic resin, steel bottom plate
Recommended sump diameter:12-inch minimum diameter
Motor:1/3 horsepower, air-cooled with thermal protection
Voltage/Amperage: 115VAC/3.5A
Pumping Capacity:2,460 GPH @ 10-foot head, 1,620 GPH @ 15 feet
Dimensions:33.5 inches high, 8.25 inches wide, 7 inches deep
Weight:12.8 lbs.
Back-flow valve:None
Warranty:1 year on defects

Despite its unwieldy name, the Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09 is a popular, economical workhorse that should be considered for average or smaller basements where rains or snow melts are occasionally heavy. It pumps huge amounts of water to keep your basement dry and has all the advantages that you expect from a pedestal-style sump pump such as low cost, easy maintenance and long life. It makes a great new installation or replacement sump pump with minimal impact on your wallet. Because of its lightness, durability and pain-free installation, it makes a great backup pump as well. At under $80, you could easily buy two.

However, Flotec sump pump reviews with regard to longevity are mixed. There are frequent enough complaints in Flotec sump pump reviews regarding quality issues that they should be weighed against the price. One buyer was shipped a pump that made loud noises when first plugged in and others have noted that the plain steel base plate corrodes rather quickly during normal use. Perhaps painting it before installation would mitigate that flaw.

However, there are no gripes about the pump’s generous use of thermoplastic, its ease of installation and very affordable price. If your basement has experienced strong in-flows during winter months, then this pump may not do. In that case, however, you probably should be using a ½-HP model anyway.

4.4 Overall
  • Super economical
  • Lightweight
  • Bottom steel plate rusts
  • Short power cord
Value for the Money

Pumps from Flotec are known for their budget-wise durability and utility. They are more than adequate for normal residential use as a basement pump at appealing price points that are typically a third less than sump pumps of similar power or output. The track record of the FPPM3600D is strong enough that 99 percent of buyers should have no qualms installing this light-duty pump while pocketing some extra cash. Therefore, it gets dinged a bit for durability, but still represents a strong value in a pedestal sump pump.

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