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Liberty Pumps 257 Submersible Sump/Effluent Pump Review

Liberty Pumps 257

[usr 4.7]

The Liberty Pumps 257 budget-friendly submersible sump pump has been designed and built to provide reliable service in residential applications for many years. It features a solid, one-piece housing made from cast iron with a thick, epoxy powder coat finish on the outside. That housing protects the 1/3-HP motor with a hermetic seal while helping it run cool.

The motor is supported by lifetime lubricated upper and lower ball bearings, is thermally protected and able to provide continuous service for as long as the rain keeps falling. It runs quieter and stronger than other pump makers’ products for the same power class. All external fasteners are 100 percent stainless steel as is the permanently lubricated rotor shaft. It weighs only 21 lbs.

Starting and running current draw is 8 and 5.2A, respectively, so this pump can be run from a dedicated
15A 115VAC circuit. It already comes with a well-insulated 10-foot power cord with grounded plug that plugs into any standard GFCI-protected outlet. On-off cycles are controlled by a magnetically operated vertical float switch, so there are no switch levers to break or contacts to wear out. The float range is a total of 3.5 inches.

waterUnlike other sump pumps, this one is so compact that it fits sumps only 10 inches in diameter. Overall, it is less than 11 inches high and has a footprint the size of a standard piece of paper. Yet, it has more than enough performance for an average basement. The Liberty 257 moves 2,250 GPH at a typical 10-foot discharge height and 1,560 GPH at 15 feet of head. It hooks up easily to standard 1.5-inch discharge plumbing lines.

The Liberty 257 sump pump is the perfect replacement for an ailing ¼-HP or 1/3-HP sump pump. Installation is easy. This pump will keep your basement dry for many, many years to come. An industry-leading 3-year warranty is included in the very affordable price.

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Liberty Pumps 257 Details:

Pump type:Corded electric submersible sump pump
Manufacturer:Liberty Pumps
Float/Switch type: Internal, magnetically operated vertical float
Cord length:10 feet
Inlet style:Bottom inlet with filter, can handle ½-inch debris
Discharge size:1.5 inches NPT
Housing material:Cast iron
Base material:Cast iron
Recommended sump diameter:10-inch minimum diameter
Motor:1/3 horsepower, hermetically sealed, permanently lubricated
Voltage/Amperage: 115VAC/5.2A, 8A start
Pumping Capacity:2,250 GPH @ 10-foot head, 1,560 GPH @ 15 feet
Dimensions:10.7 inches high, 6.5 inches wide, 9.5 inches deep
Weight:21 lbs.
Back-flow valve:None

Unlike other sump pumps that tout performance figures but skimp on pump design and build, this Liberty Pumps 257 model is a true workhorse that will readily outlast more expensive pumps. That is not to say that its 2,250 GPH at 10 feet of discharge height is any slouch however. Completely sealed with permanently lubricated ball bearings, it will not only keep up with any other 1/3-HP sump pump, but operate on a continuous basis without hesitation through the wettest winter storms.

This is one of the most popular and most reviewed sump pumps of any manufacturer. Nearly any detailed Liberty pumps 257 review demonstrates how pleased buyers are with its noise-free and dependable operation. Many buyers are sleeping much better through the winter nights after replacing their aging, noisy pump with this model. Other than high expectations from a buyer who thought this was a debris pump, the only concern from buyers is the relatively short 3.5″ range for the float, which leads to more frequent cycling on small sumps.

Otherwise, this pump is as robust as they come and works efficiently. For an average homeowner, this is the best sump pump even through torrential rains over packed snow. Due to its compact size, it is often used as a replacement for pedestal sump pumps with sumps as small as 10 inches wide.

5 Overall
  • Ruggedly built for years of maintenance-free service
  • Internal magnetic float switch
  • Comes with 10-foot power cord, ready to plug in
  • 3.5-inch float-switch range
Value for the Money

Not only is the Liberty Pumps 257 sump pump a grand performer and built like a tank, it comes with an incredibly affordable price tag under $140, which makes this a high value purchase. It is virtually a drop-in install abetted by the 10-foot quick disconnect cord, so if you have an outlet nearby there is nothing to replacing your old, weak, noisy pump with this pumping dynamo. Note that it comes with an extremely generous 3-year warranty, so buy with confidence and sleep through drenching rains. 

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