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Little Giant 501004 Sump Pump Review

Little Giant 501004 205GPH Direct Drive Submersible Pump

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The Little Giant Pump Company, a subsidiary of Franklin Electric, sells a wide variety of pumps for water transfer and garden use. Small but powerful, Little Giant pumps are used extensively as highly portable utility pumps. Applications include pond or aquarium water circulation, fountains, transferring water or soap solutions, boat bailing, and pumping water through welding and threading machines. Although they are designed for optimum performance when completely submerged, the 501004 works superbly for clearing flooded floors or pumping out sinks.

Little Giant’s model 501004 205GPH direct drive submersible pump is one of their catalog’s more popular products. It truly is a “little giant” in size and performance. It is too small to be used as a secondary basement sump, but it finds many other uses around the shop, garden and home.

pumpIts surprisingly compact, all-metal body, which measures 4.3 x 3.7 x 4.1 inches, encloses a reliable thermally protected motor and pump. It runs off standard 115VAC outlets via a six-foot power cord with a 3-prong plug and draws just over 1A of current for a total of 70 Watts of power consumption. The case is filled with a non-toxic, dielectric lubricant for permanent lubrication and superior cooling, which also lends to the continuous-duty rating on this spunky pump.

It has a maximum flow capacity of 205 GPH at a one-foot discharge height, which tapers to 120 GPH at five-feet of head. Water enters through the bottom screen and discharges via a ¼-inch MNPT outlet. The bottom screen filters out debris as small as 1/8-inch in diameter and is removable for cleaning. Multiple, long-lasting seals keep water out, so this is a completely submersible pump. In fact, Little Giant pumps work best when submerged.

Every Little Giant pump is designed to give trouble-free operation thanks to quality workmanship and materials. Every pump is fully tested to ensure long-lasting operation and safety. This pump comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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Little Giant 501004 Details:

Pump type:Corded electric submersible sump pump
Manufacturer:Little Giant
Float/Switch type: None
Cord length:6 feet
Inlet style:Bottom suction with 1/8-inch debris screen
Discharge size:0.25-inch MNPT fitting accepts ½-inch I.D. tubing
Housing material:Painted metal
Base material:Plastic
Recommended sump diameter:N/A
Voltage/Amperage: 115VAC/1.1A
Pumping Capacity:205 GPH at 1-foot discharge, 120 GPH at 5 feet
Dimensions:4.3 inches high, 3.7 inches wide, 4.1 inches deep 4.3 x 3.7 x 4.1
Weight:3.2 lbs.
Back-flow valve:None
Warranty:1 year limited by manufacturer

Little Giant Pump Company has been selling quality pumps for decades and have a faithful following of buyers who will use nothing else for their applications. A typical review for a Little Giant submersible pump is from a buyer who is replacing a previous model that ran for 20 years under almost daily use.

The 501004, also known as model “#1,” can be used on a continuous basis in fountains or for circulating water or coolant through machinery. With its bottom suction design this pump also makes an excellent portable utility pump for spill cleanups, clearing water from pool covers or transferring water while camping if AC power is available.

One drawback to the design compared to other small utility pumps is the outlet, which is ¼-inch MNPT. It is not a common size or thread to which most homeowners can adapt existing plumbing or a garden hose. It does, however, easily accept ½-inch I.D. tubing of any sort, which is readily available at the local hardware store.

The 501004 is not big enough to act as a backup for a broken basement sump pump, but homeowners rarely fail to find multiple uses for this little workhorse. As long as you do not abuse it or run it dry, it should give many years of dependable service. The price is not particularly competitive, especially with other portable pumps with more flow capacity however. For that, it loses a star on value. Otherwise, there is a lot to like in this “little giant.”

4.2 Overall
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Sturdy materials and smart design for long operation life
  • Maximum head of 7.4 feet
Value for the Money

Shoppers often underestimate the Little Giant 501004 based solely on its slightly odd shape and small size. Beneath that pod-like exterior, however, is a well-engineered, dependable, sturdy pump that will provide many years of work in a vast number of applications. Whether you need to pump out the boat, drain the kiddie pool or add a dynamic water feature, you can count on the Little Giant to do the job. Watch for a sale to get the most value from this purchase.

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