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Superior Pump 91250 Utility Sump Pump Review

Superior Pump 91250 1/4 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump

[usr 4.5]

Superior Pump’s 91250 utility sump pump is an ultra-portable, light-duty pump especially designed for emergency water removal. It is the best sump pump for removing water spills or accumulation in basements, utility rooms, window wells and from rooftops. It is perfect for emptying backyard pools or fountains quickly.

Sturdily built both inside and outside, the 91250 will provide years of robust service whenever you need it the most. Its 25-foot lift is more than sufficient for transferring water from basements or the deep end of your swimming pool. The bottom-suction design quickly removes water to within 1/8-inch of the surface it sits on.

The ¼-HP split capacitor, continuous-duty, quick-start motor draws a modest 3.8A, which means you can run it all day long. Thermal protection circuitry is included in the unlikely event that the motor overheats. The motor utilizes only solid copper windings and is enclosed in a single-piece, tough thermoplastic case for rough handling. The motor is protected from water ingress by a stainless steel jacketed shaft seal.

A removable thermoplastic screen on the bottom protects the impeller from any debris larger than 1/8-inch. If the screen should clog, it is easily removed via three stainless steel screws.

The 91250 utility pump could not be easier to use. It comes with a flexible 10-foot power cord that plugs into any GFCI-protected outlet. Hook up this rugged sump pump to either a 1.25-inch discharge hose or use the included ¾-inch adapter to hook up to your garden hose.

This pump moves up to 1800 GPH on the level and 1200 GPH for a 10-foot lift. Larger and smaller motor sizes are available too. At around $50, this is definitely one pump you want to keep on the shelf for those unexpected spills or emergencies such as a broken primary sump pump.

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Superior Pump 91250 Details:

Pump type:Corded electric pedestal sump pump
Manufacturer:Superior Pump
Float/Switch type: None
Cord length:10 feet
Inlet style:Bottom suction with 1/8-inch debris filter
Discharge size:1.25 inches MPT with 0.75-inch garden hose adapter
Housing material:Thermoplastic
Base material:Thermoplastic
Recommended sump diameter:7-inch minimum diameter
Motor:1/4 horsepower, with thermal protection
Voltage/Amperage: 115VAC/3.8A
Pumping Capacity:1,800 GPH @ level, 1,200 GPH @ 10 feet
Dimensions:9.3 inches high, 5.4 inches wide, 5.9 inches deep
Weight:8 lbs.
Back-flow valve:None
Warranty:1 year on defects

A Superior Pump 91250 review from an actual buyer is not hard to find. There are thousands of them out there. The 91250’s budget-price and solid water transfer performance are the reasons it is so popular among buyers. Due to its portability, it finds a large array of uses from standing in for a broken basement sump pump to clearing out a clogged bathtub to draining swimming pools. It even drives fountains, since it is continuous duty rated and very quiet.

The ability to hook it up to a garden hose is one of the most often mentioned benefits of this durable pump as is the easy-to-clean bottom screen. More often than not, it can be cleaned simply by back-flushing from the outlet, but it is quick to remove the screen in any case. If you are hooking it up to a 1.25-inch hose, be sure to get a female-to-male adapter, which is not included.

A valuable buyer review tip is to use a 5-gallon bucket to store this pump. It simplifies cord storage and can act as a portable sump. Drill large holes on the perimeter of the bottom of this bucket, then simply place the pump and bucket together into the pool of water to be transferred. Add scraps of ¼-inch hardware cloth over the holes as a large debris filter.

Do note that you should never run this pump dry, so keep an eye on it.

4.6 Overall
  • Super portable, high-capacity pumping
  • Lightweight at only 8 lbs.
  • Cord is inflexible when cold
Value for the Money

Superior Pump makes all sorts of water, sewage, effluent, well and irrigation pumps. Their mission is making quality, affordable pumps. The 91250 is one of their most popular, top-rated portable sump pumps. Its power, light weight and easy hook-up are the reasons it finds use in such a wide variety of applications. Any household that has experienced any sort of standing water problem appreciates how useful such a pump can be. Given that this very well-made pump sells for about half of other less-capable pumps, there is no reason not to have one in reserve for the next water emergency.

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