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Superior Pump 92301 Pedestal Pump Review

Superior Pump 92301

[usr 4.5]

This 1/3-HP pedestal sump pump from Superior Pump is the best sump pump for keeping an average-size basement free from excessive moisture or flooding. It has ample power to move out water from heavy rains or overflowing laundry sinks and washers. It is a primary pump that fits into sumps as small as 12 inches in diameter. The motor is an energy miser that draws a mere 2.6A. Installation could not be simpler. Just plug it into any 20A, GFCI-protected 120V outlet within 10 feet of the sump.

This sump pump is rated to discharge water at a rate of 2,280 GPH for a 10-foot discharge height, which is typical in residential applications. At 15 feet, it pumps 2100 GPH, which is still formidable. So, even during heavy rains or snow melt conditions, this pump will handily remove inflow water to the outside to maintain a dry basement.

splashingThe motor is designed for continuous duty with built-in automatic thermal overload protection. The above-floor motor position and air cooling mean this pump exhibits twice the lifetime of typical submersible sump pumps. Due to the generous range of float-switch adjustment, pumping cycle times can be extended for deeper sumps, which further prolongs motor life.

The base/impeller housing is made from solid cast-iron for the highest durability. The stainless steel impeller shaft from the motor to the pump is 100 percent corrosion resistant as are the float ball and pump impeller. Clogs due to debris are eliminated by the built-in impeller filter that rejects debris larger than 3/16-inch. A standard, 1.5-inch NPT outlet makes hookup simple to standard discharge plumbing.

The Superior 92301 is an affordable, efficient sump pump for new installations or the replacement of an older pedestal-style or submersible sump pump. Superior sump pump reviews regularly give this pedestal sump pump high ratings for low cost and high simplicity.
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Superior Pump 92301 Details:

Pump type:Corded electric pedestal sump pump
Manufacturer:Superior Pump
Float/Switch type: Adjustable vertical float
Cord length:10 feet
Inlet style:Top suction with 3/16-inch debris filter
Discharge size:1.5 inches NPT
Housing material:Thermoplastic
Base material:Cast iron
Recommended sump diameter:12-inch minimum diameter
Motor:1/3 horsepower, air-cooled with thermal protection
Voltage/Amperage: 115VAC/2.6A, 18A split-capacitor start
Pumping Capacity:2,280 GPH @ 10-foot head, 900 GPH @ 20 feet
Dimensions:34 inches high, 9.4 inches wide, 11.8 inches deep
Weight:25 lbs.
Back-flow valve:None
Warranty:3 years on defects

Superior Pump specializes in high-quality sump pumps to fit any homeowner’s budget. The 92301 is one of their more popular pumps for homeowners who want a reliable basement pump for an average-size house. Its 2,280 GPH nominal rating for typical installations keeps up with heavy spring rains with room to spare.

Since it fits in a sump as small as 12 inches in diameter, it is a great replacement for either an older pedestal or submersible pump. It has a turn-off depth of four inches and a turn-on depth up to 12 inches. Thus, it works best in sumps from six inches up to 18 inches deep or deeper. Its large range of adjustment for the float switch means you can significantly increase on-off cycles, which increases pump life.

Superior sump pump reviews on any site give this pump high marks for its solid performance, quality build and their prompt, courteous customer service when questions or problems arise. Buyers appreciate the little extras such as the long plug-in cord and the quiet motor too. A couple of buyers either had a broken float-switch lever upon arrival of the product or it failed later, so obviously this is an area where Superior needs to improve. However, replacement was fast and easy directly from the company.

4.4 Overall
  • Continuous-duty, thermal-protected, low-amperage motor
  • Stainless steel drive shaft, float and impeller
  • 10-foot cord
  • Fragile float-switch lever
Value for the Money

Superior Pump is a family-owned business out of Minnesota that offers some of the best sump pump models in both pedestal and submersible styles. They are a well-known and popular brand in areas where basements and basement sumps are essential. Their mission is building affordable pumps that last, which exactly describes the Superior 92301 pedestal sump pump.

The 92301 is built from quality components and performs admirably. It has more than enough output from an energy-efficient motor for average residential applications. Its rugged build and reliability mean you can sleep through even the heaviest rains and snow melts without worry. The 92301 lets you take advantage of the clear benefits of pedestal pumps, including ease of installation, long-life and high performance, at a budget-friendly price.

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