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Superior Pump 92330 Review

Superior Pump 92330

[usr 4.2]

Superior’s 92330 submersible sump pump is an economical solution to keeping the average residential basement nice and dry during the winter and spring months. The 1/3-HP motor has adequate power and flow for water transfer even where a higher than typical 10-foot discharge height is required.

Like all Superior products, this pump is built to last with a robust design and high-quality components inside and outside. The one-piece thermoplastic housing is rugged and completely waterproof. The motor is further protected from water ingress by dual O-rings on the motor plate. Everything inside is permanently lubricated for long life.

The split-capacitor motor features fast starts and low current draw during pumping operation of just 4.1A. vintage pumpAlthough the pump when submerged is more than adequately cooled by surrounding water, the motor has thermal overload protection just in case. Like other Superior sump pumps, the 92330 motor uses only bare, solid copper windings and a heavy-duty stainless steel jacketed shaft seal. The pump comes with a pre-installed 10-foot power cord and plug.

In operation, water enters via a bottom plate equipped with a filter screen to keep out debris greater than 1/8-inch in diameter. Smaller debris passes over the impeller and is discharged without harm. Should a clog occur, the screen is easily cleared by backflow or by removing and cleaning the screen. The outlet is a standard 1.25-inch pipe thread fitting that can be adapted to match 1.5-inch discharge plumbing if necessary.

On-off pump cycling is controlled by a tethered float switch that lets you set both on and off depths and longer cycle times, which are easier on the motor. Float range is modified simply by adjusting the length of the float tether.

This quality sump pump is light enough that it can double as a portable utility pump. If used in this manner, the pump clears water down to 1/8-inch depth but the float must be secured in the on position. Never operate this pump dry to avoid impeller and seal damage.

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Superior Pump 92330 Details:

Pump type:Corded, electric submersible sump pump
Manufacturer:Superior Pump
Float/Switch type: Tethered float
Cord length:10 feet
Inlet style:Bottom suction with 1/8-inch debris screen
Discharge size:1.25-inch NPT
Housing material:Thermoplastic
Base material:Thermoplastic
Recommended sump diameter:14 inches minimum
Motor:1/3-HP, split capacitor start, thermal overload protection
Voltage/Amperage: 115VAC/4.1A, 19A starting current
Pumping Capacity:1,680 GPH at 10-foot discharge, 540 GPH at 20 feet
Dimensions:10.25 inches high, 5.3 inches wide, 5.9 inches deep
Weight:under 10 lbs.
Back-flow valve:None
Warranty:1 year on defects

The 92330 from Superior is actually a crossover pump in that its main purpose is pumping sumps, but its price, light weight, bottom suction design and tethered float make it a competitive product as a high-performance portable utility pump too. You only need to read a Superior pump 92330 review here and there to realize that many buyers purchase it exclusively for the latter use.

Even though the manufacturer does not rate it for continuous duty, many people take advantage of its 40 GPM capacity to pump out in-ground pools without any issues. That is testament to the ruggedness that Superior puts into all their pumps. It works as well as pumps sold for that specific purpose but for half the price.

Emptying sumps is generally lighter duty, so it should give many years of service in that application. If you were to add a quick-disconnect at the outlet, you could use the 92330 for both purposes in different seasons.

You do get what you pay for in terms of GPH with this pump. With a 1/3-HP motor, similar pumps can put out over 2,000 GPH of discharge at 10 feet, whereas this one is rated at 1,680 GPH. The discharge outlet is ¼-inch smaller than higher-performance pumps, which might explain the lower output. Judging by buyer reviews, however, this is a very popular pump with few issues.

4.4 Overall
  • Inexpensive with plenty of power for average basements
  • One-piece, double-sealed housing
  • Tethered float requires sump diameter of 14 inches and 14 inches depth
Value for the Money

For residential use, the Superior 92330 is an economical solution for keeping basements dry. It is built to stand up to constant use as a sump pump throughout the year. It does not have the output necessary for larger basements or heavy flows, so make sure the GPH rating meets or exceeds your current pump. Additionally, Superior’s 92330 pump is compact and light enough to use successfully as a portable pump. So, if you can utilize it that way during the drier months, you get double the value for a very budget-friendly price.

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