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Wayne ESP25 Battery Backup Pump Review

WAYNE ESP25 12 Volt Battery Back-Up Sump Pump System with Audible Alarm

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Should your primary sump pump either malfunction or stop running because of a power outage, and it is raining, you have three options. Assuming it is in running condition, use a generator to restart the primary pump, employ some kind of portable backup pump or start bailing. Wayne’s ESP25 is made precisely for this kind of emergency.

The ESP25 is a 1/3-HP sump pump that runs off a 12VDC power source. It comes with a sturdy polyethylene battery case that can hold any Group 27 size sealed lead-acid battery. Sometimes used in conjunction with Wayne’s CDU800 AC-powered sump pump in a packaged combination, the ESP25 can be employed as a backup for pumps of any size or any manufacturer. It is completely standalone.

It operates from a separate float switch, so there is no need for any kind of control circuitry between your existing pump and the ESP25. Simply install it alongside your existing pump in its sump. If the water level is high enough to activate the ESP25 via its float switch, it comes on. This can happen if your current old pumppump malfunctions or is unable to discharge sufficient water during a particularly heavy inflow situation. In the latter case, the ESP25 acts as a booster pump to assist your primary pump and can discharge via the same outlet line or a dedicated line.

Wayne’s ESP25 has pumping specs that compare well to any 1/3-HP AC sump pump. It resides in a completely waterproof and durable thermoplastic housing. It discharges 2,300 GPH of water at a 10-foot head and has a 1.5-inch discharge outlet.

Either a 40Ah or a 75Ah battery deep-cycle battery is recommended to power the ESP25. With the latter capacity, this pump can keep your basement dry for about 3 days. An audible alarm will be heard when the pump is operating, which usually means the primary pump has failed.

If you have ever had to clean up a flooded basement or worried about whether your sump pump was working while no one was home during inclement weather, then you understand the need for an independent backup sump pump. It brings peace of mind during power outages and confidence that two pumps together can keep up with unusual storm events.

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Wayne ESP25 Battery Backup Details:

Pump type:Battery-powered backup sump pump
Manufacturer:Wayne Pumps
Float/Switch type: Vertical
Cord length:6-foot battery cable
Inlet style:Bottom-suction plus filter
Discharge size:1. 5 inches NPT
Housing material:Thermoplastic
Base material:Thermoplastic
Recommended sump diameter:Additional 9 inches of diameter if mounted in sump
Voltage/Amperage: 12VDC/1A battery charger
Pumping Capacity:2,300 GPH @ 10-foot head, 1,500 GPH @ 15 feet
Dimensions:9.5 inches high, 7.5 inches wide, 9 inches deep
Weight:20 lbs.
Back-flow valve:None
Warranty:2-year consumer warranty

Every Wayne ESP25 review seems to have their special reason for liking this pump from the worry-free confidence it provides, the quiet operation, how easy it was to install or the great price for so powerful a pump. It is hard to go wrong with a Wayne pump, but there have been a couple of isolated incidents reported such as a faulty charger, which left a dead battery and a bad float switch. In these cases, Wayne stepped up and replaced the defective parts.

Both the battery cable and the battery charger cord are a bit short. An extension cord can be used on the charger. If you need to extend the battery cable, however, be sure to use the same gauge wire as the original cable. You can splice on up to 25 feet without any problems.

Unfortunately, the ESP25 does not come with an alarm reset button, so if the alarm starts in the middle of the night and keeps you awake, you need earplugs. Just unplugging the charger will not shut off the alarm. At least the alarm is not as loud as some other backup pumps.

Wayne recommends using an SLA battery, but a normal deep-cycle lead-acid battery will work just as well. Take time every six to twelve months to check on the condition of either type of battery. Most people think that SLAs cannot go dry, but they can.

If you do not have room in the sump to fit the ESP25, you can still use it for backup by installing it at floor level. It has a bottom-suction design, so it will pick up any standing water higher than 1/8-inch.

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4.6 Overall
  • Equivalent pumping power as a 1/3-HP AC pump
  • Audible alarm
  • Needs additional sump width
Value for the Money

No finished basement that has a threat of water ingress should be without a secondary backup sump pump system. There is a Wayne ESP25 review that explains how to roll your own backup system using an AC pump, but since the Wayne ESP25 system provides a turnkey solution why would you do that. It includes a DC pump, charge controller and battery box with status lights. It is a strong stand-in for a broken primary pump and built to last. Install it and sleep well in your own bed or when you are away.

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