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Wayne SPV-800 Sump Pump Review

Wayne SPV-800 Sump Pump

[usr 4.5]

The Wayne SPV-800 pedestal sump pump is built with heavy-duty quality materials and a proven design from one of the biggest makers of quality sump pumps in the U.S. Wayne’s engineering experience in both residential and commercial products spans seven decades, so you know this pump is made to the last and move water efficiently.

Powered by an air-cooled, ½-HP, 5.3A electric motor positioned far from standing water, this pump transfers 3,800 gallons per hour with a typical 10-foot discharge lift. If your situation requires more lift, this pump still moves an impressive 1,500 GPH at a 20-foot head. It keeps basements bone dry even during the heavy rains or snow melts. You cannot overwork it as it can run continuously for long periods and the motor is protected against thermal overload.

The pump base is made from high-quality, epoxy-coated cast iron. The impeller shaft is epoxy-coated steel. Since the inlet to the impeller is above the base with built-in filter, debris clogs are avoided. The pedestal design allows the greatest range of float switch adjustment, which means you can adjust it easily for long cycle times, which prolongs motor life.

This pump operates smoothly in sump sizes too small for most submersible pumps. An 11-inch diameter sump is suitable. Installation is simplified with an easily accessible 1.5-inch NPT outlet and a long electrical cord. Simply plug in the pump to any nearby GFCI-equipped outlet.

TheWayne SPV-800 is an economical, but robust and efficient sump pump. It makes a superb replacement for an older pedestal-style pump or a submersible pump that has failed. If you study sump pump reviews, you will see that many people buy this model to replace an older Wayne pump that had run 25 years or more.

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Wayne SPV-800 Details:

Pump type:Corded electric pedestal sump pump
Manufacturer:Wayne Pumps
Float/Switch type: Adjustable vertical float
Cord length:8 feet
Inlet style:Top suction with debris filter
Discharge size:1.5 inches NPT with 1.25-inch adapter
Housing material:Thermoplastic
Base material:Cast iron
Recommended sump diameter:11-inch minimum diameter
Motor:½ horsepower, air-cooled with thermal protection
Voltage/Amperage: 115VAC/5.3A
Pumping Capacity:3,800 GPH @ 10-foot head, 1,500 GPH @ 20 feet
Dimensions:34.3 inches high, 6.5 inches wide, 9 inches deep
Weight:26 lbs.
Back-flow valve:None
Warranty:2-years on defects

If you are new to the Wayne Pumps brand, then you are probably new to basement sump pumps in general, since Wayne Pumps have been making top-quality sump pumps for over 70 years in the U.S. Their pumps are well-known for solid designs, long-life and quiet operation.

The SPV-800 is one of their most powerful non-submersible pumps with a hefty GPH rating of 4,500 feet at a five-foot head. It is a drop-in replacement for an existing pedestal pump and handily fits any submersible sump if you are replacing one of those. Any sump with a diameter of 11 inches or more will accept the SPV-800, regardless of the depth.

The ½-hp motor moves a massive amount of water even for installations with a discharge height higher than normal. Sump pump reviews for the SPV-800 note how easy it is to adjust the external float switch to achieve long run cycles. Installation is a breeze due to the long cord and standard 1.5-inch pipe thread outlet.

The single most common feature of Wayne sump pump reviews is the expression of surprise at how quietly this pump runs. This is especially true if the owner has replaced an older Wayne pump or a newer Zoeller or Flotec pump. Most buyers can barely hear it running from the home’s main floor. One buyer did note that due to the motor’s high torque, the base turns slightly. A couple of big nylon wire ties should take care of that.

4.8 Overall
  • High output even at 20-foot discharge height
  • Top suction design avoids debris clogs
  • Runs quietly
  • Should secure base due to high torque
Value for the Money

Wayne Pumps have been making a wide selection of sump, sewage and utility pumps for several decades, so they know their stuff. As Wayne sump pump reviews on any site point out, this ½-HP model pumps out basement water with ease without the strain that smaller 1/3-HP motors can exhibit. Due to its sturdy construction and quality design, it will provide reliable operation in residential applications. The Wayne SPV-800 demonstrates the many advantages of pedestal-style pumps over submersibles such as high performance, easy installation/adjustment, longevity and the most value for your sump pump dollar.

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