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Wayne WSS30V Primary and Backup Sump Pump Review

WAYNE WSS30V Pre-Assembled

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Have you ever been away on a trip and worried about a power outage back home that would put your basement sump pump out of commission? Then this Wayne WSS30V dual sump pump system with battery backup will put your mind at ease. It combines the Wayne CDU800’s powerful, thermally-protected, ½-HP AC motor and the Wayne ESP25 battery-powered sump pump as a backup pump. Under extremely heavy flows, both pumps can engage to remove water faster. See the details in the review section concerning this situation.

Both pumps are tied together in a single drop-in package. The CDU800 features a cast iron housing and base, permanently lubricated ball bearings and is completely waterproof. The impeller is made from high-impact polycarbonate material. It connects to power via a pre-installed eight-foot AC cord to any nearby outlet. Switching is accomplished with a parallel, dual-pole switch, so if one pole malfunctions, the other one keeps current flowing. The CDU800 uses a top-suction design with filter screen to prevent clogging.

The ESP25 battery-backup pump is built as tough as any other Wayne sump pump. On its own, it discharges 2,300 GPH of water via the shared 1.5-inch discharge pipe. Both pumps are backflow-protected by separate check valves, which are included in the package. Also included are a sturdy battery box with LED charge-level indicators, an audible alarm indicating when the DC pump is working and a hefty wall charger. A lead-acid, deep-cycle battery is not included. You can use either a 40Ah or 75Ah battery. The latter provides up to 3-days of pumping given nominal cycle times.

The entire assembly is adjusted and tested before leaving the factory, so all you have to do is drop it in place. It requires a sump at least 15 inches in diameter and 22 inches deep to operate properly. Once you have this combo pump installed, you can expect quiet, dependable operation and no more sleepless nights even when you are away from home.

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Wayne WSS30V Details:

Pump type:Corded AC sump pump plus battery-powered backup pump
Manufacturer:Wayne Pumps
Float/Switch type: Mechanical and magnetic vertical switches
Cord length:8-foot AC cord plus 6-foot battery cable
Inlet style:CDU800 – top-suction with debris filter, ESP25 – bottom-suction plus filter
Discharge size:Two 1.5 inches NPT outlets joined by Y-connector
Housing material:CDU800 - cast iron, ESP25 - thermoplastic
Base material:CDU800 - cast iron, ESP25 - thermoplastic
Recommended sump diameter:Minimum 15 inches diameter by 22 inches deep
Motor:CDU800 - ½ horsepower, ESP25 – 1/3-HP
Voltage/Amperage: 115VAC/7A, 12VDC includes charger
Pumping Capacity:CDU800 - 3,150 GPH @ 10-foot head, ESP25 - 2,300 GPH @ 10 feet
Dimensions:22.5 inches high, 17 inches wide, 15 inches deep
Weight:35 lbs. combined
Back-flow valve:Two check valves included
Warranty:3-year consumer warranty

A battery case is included, but you must acquire a deep-cycle battery separately. For the ESP25 Wayne sump pump, a 40Ah or 75Ah battery is specified. Since there is little price difference between those sizes, get the bigger one. With the battery, the WSS30V costs about $400 more than the CDU800 alone. Whether you get only the CDU800 or the WSS30V, the next time you are out of town and it is raining hard at home that extra cost will seem a bargain.

Nearly every Wayne WSS30V review sings the praises of this AC/DC system and remarks about the increased confidence they feel knowing their basement is dry and will stay that way. They also love how easy the unit is to install, and that it comes with check valves included.

Note that each pump has its own float switch. The only way the battery pump knows the AC pump has failed is if its float switch flips on. It is possible that the ESP25 switches on if the CDU800 cannot keep up with an extraordinarily high inflow. In that case, both pumps remove water simultaneously. Wayne says the shared 1.5-inch discharge pipe can handle that extra flow, but installing a separate 1.5-inch line for the battery pump will doubly ensure that.

5 Overall
  • Strong ½-HP primary backed up by a 1/3-HP battery-powered pump
  • Pre-tested combo ready for drop-in installation
  • Quiet running
  • Requires large sump
Value for the Money

The WSS30V sump pump combination unit is the best sump pump for instilling absolute confidence that your basement remains dry as dust during extreme weather should the AC pump fail or there is a power outage. Wayne has designed this combo as a simple, drop-in install as long as your sump is big enough. A deep-cycle battery for the backup pump is required, but even with that additional expense, it is a small price to pay for the security provided. Shop around for a near-$300 price and you will be paying less than the cost of the separate components.

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