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Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump Review

Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry

[usr 4.0]

Power outages happen at the most inopportune moments such as during storms when there is an extraordinary amount of rain. Your basement sump pump may be doing its utmost to deal with a heavy flow when the lights go out. If you do not have a backup sump pump system, then expect a wet basement to be the result.

Zoeller’s 507-0005 backup sump pump system is designed to avoid that unfortunate situation. It provides a secondary, battery-powered sump pump system that automatically kicks in should the primary pump fail for any reason or is unable to handle extreme inflows. It is a separate unit that augments almost any existing primary sump pump. This compact submersible pump is housed in durable thermoplastic and removes water at a 1,380 GPH rate for a 5-foot discharge lift.

The system features a self-contained 10A smart battery charger for a 12VDC deep-cycle battery, which is not included. It prevents battery burn out or overcharging. LED lights indicate the current charge state on the battery and an audible alarm sounds at 20-minute intervals to tell you when the 507-0005 pump is engaged. The pump itself uses a reliable vertical float switch and a built-in heavy-duty check vale that adapts to either a 1.25-inch or 1.5-inch discharge pipe.

Also included with the Zoeller battery backup sump pump is a durable, polyethylene battery box, which accommodates any 12V Group 27 marine-grade, deep-cycle battery. The battery must be purchased separately. A deep-cycle battery with a 105Ah rating supplies approximately 7.5 hours of continuous-duty pumping and longer if the pump is cycling on and off.

The pump comes with a small LCD control panel and a 1-year warranty.

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Zoeller 507-0005 Details:

Pump type:Battery-powered auxiliary sump pump
Float/Switch type: Vertical
Cord length:6-foot charger cord
Inlet style:Bottom-suction plus filter
Discharge size:1. 5 inches NPT
Housing material:Thermoplastic
Base material:Thermoplastic
Recommended sump diameter:Mounts above sump
Motor:¼-horsepower, estimated
Voltage/Amperage: 12VDC/1A battery charger
Pumping Capacity:1,380 GPH @ 5-foot head, 900 GPH @ 10 feet
Back-flow valve:1
Warranty:1-year consumer warranty

For some reason, Zoeller is not anxious to share as many details about their 507 Basement Sentry® backup sump pump as other manufacturers do for their products. For instance, not even in their manuals do they reveal the pump dimensions or the amperage/HP ratings of the pump motor. For not sharing, they get dinged on ease-of-use.

Per the GPH flow numbers that are provided, this must be a ¼-HP pump. Here are other data points not easy to find:

  • The battery case is 13 inches long, 7.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches high. Any group 27 battery should fit.
  • This pump automatically shuts off at 14.5 feet of head, even though a 15-foot GPH is listed.
  • The alarm can be annoying but there is a 24-hour alarm reset that quiets it.
  • It has an auxiliary set of contacts that can trigger a home security system or an auto-dialer. That is a neat feature that rarely is mentioned.

Note that this backup pump is typically mounted above the sump, so its dimensions are not critical. It is important to mount it at a 30-degree angle to avoid air locking the pump.

Though the idea of a backup pump working with a variety of sump pumps regardless of manufacturer is a sound one, it seems the 507 model has issues. About every third Zoeller 507 review mentions one problem or another. For instance, being shipped a defective battery charger or a new pump that does not come on happens occasionally. The above-sump installation concerns buyers also, since it implies standing water on the basement floor before it kicks in.

Backup sump pump systems should instill a 100 percent confidence level in buyers, but this one falls short. The price is rather high for a ¼-HP pump too.

4 Overall
  • Installs as add-on to almost any existing sump pump
  • Includes check valve
  • Some quality issues, see below
Value for the Money

The Zoeller 507 secondary sump pump is a good way to add battery backup to your existing sump pump no matter who made it. It splices into existing discharge plumbing at or slightly above the top of the existing sump. It has its own float switch to detect when the primary pump is has shut down or is unable to stay ahead of a heavy inflow. This is a good backup pump for small basements where rainfalls are never heavy. It will not keep up with heavy flooding, however, and has build quality issues. For the price, it performs adequately.

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